Call: http://www.blocklist.de/en/httpreports.html?

required Variables:

email: string (E-Mailaddress from Server or ID)
apikey: string (in your Profil under SERVER)
ip: string (ipv4/ipv6 Address) (Attacker)
service: string (Service which was attacked (ssh, imap, ftp...))
logs: text (Logfiles)
format: text, json, php, xml (Error-Message/OK-Message/Return-Values format)


Example Code

Are needed as in the mail the following information:

Then you can send the data either via GET or POST.
This can be done weget, curl php, etc. used.
The URL is then as follows:

hxxp://www.blocklist.de/en/httpreports.html? \
server = $serveremail&
apikey = $serverapikey&
ip = $attackerip&
service = $service&
format = $format&
logs = urlencode($logs)

Composed then this looks e.g. as follows:

The return is an array of "status" and "error" is returned.
If $error is 0 or $status "success", everything worked and the report was adopted.

Otherwise, if $status "error" is there is error in the variable $error as an array with the respective error messages such as:
apikey: Please API key with the server about giving.
or formartiert with each format.

For questions, please post in the forum: